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Ruby . Extra Information by PurpleDevil
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Character Sheet Code Omega by nicky14


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Welcome to our own Code Omega's news flash, the news, the paper, whatever you want to call it :dummy: Here 'll find a lot of mumbo jumbo about what's going on, what to check, features, new members and what not.

If you have ideas or addictions, don't hesitate to note them to me nicky14 and we'll see what we can make of it. ^^

now, onto the first news!


Happy Easter people!

That finished, I'll tell you that I'm working on the story of Code Omega... but I'm not sure if I should post the snippets I have on here yet.. or that I should finish the story first. lots of character development has issued yet. For example, Chase has become a Demigod. Although his knowledge about being one is very limited and so are his powers. So far he only discovered that he can breath under water.

And Jason... Jason is being a jackass. Riskless and not subtle in his way of telling people he hates them. Again, so much fun XD.

I did come up with some new places btw. There's Port Cyprisa (kudo's to you who can figure out where I got the name from), a fun place for the pirates among us. It's at the very bottom of the Present Africa. You should probably imagine a Haven that looks a bit like that from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Then there is Camp Mègan. A refugee camp for the youngsters mainly. Kind of the rebels, then again, everyone who is against The Goverment are rebels, so XD. Mègan is the leader of this camp, obviously. She's a strong woman, short spiky red hair and challenging eyes, fearsome. The camp also has their own 'soldiers', a group of volunteers (both male and female) who are known under the name of 'Guardians'. Their Captain is Crye. A charismatic blonde. He's loved and respected by the camp and he tries to do his best for everyone. However, there is also a side to him that only Mègan knows, and even a side to him that no one knows, not even himself.
I obviously put much thought in this one, and I rather love the creation :D

Mhm... makes me think I should just upload the new improved world map XD. I probably will, soon, I'm gonna use it for an assignment at school anyway.

Also, once there was something with a library in one of our rp's and I was rather inspired by it. I came up with The Library of Babylon. A library that holds 'The brotherhood', an organisation that dedicated their life to copying every piece of written word and studying every book of wisdom found in the piramid like building (except that it's piramid turned upside down and reaches deep into the earth as oppossed to the tower of Babel).

Mhm, think I covered most now...
Have a great day guys!


Okay, so I need your peoples help :dummy:
I want to create that world of Code Omega and now is your change to add your ideas to it as well!

So far we have the idea of it being a world that pretty much resembles ours. Only the continents are moving closer together. Great Britania is now part of Europe (in landmass not what we now call europe) and the's a thin stroke of land that connects america and Europe, while America moved a lot as well, about half way the atlantic ocean. I'll draw this all out when I have the time.

Also we have Mission Harbor, A city swarmed with soldiers and the goverment. This is also the place of the laboratory and the prison. The laboratory is where wicked scientists were and are busy with mutating, desecting, experimenting and various other things on humans and mutants. Everything in the world out there needs to be examined. With the help of the gods that became a lot harder (technology not working anymore). The prison is one of the places the body snatchers are collecting people for. Also the survivors of a raid of the army go there. It's a nasty place and you can hardly call it a prison as it's more of a slave market. Nasty business there.

Then we have Twins city (or Twins harbor) which I lost the description of... edo help me out with this.

And we have 'The Fallen City' previous one of the most popular and greatest cities, but now a pit of doom and despair. Literaly, as this city is build of skyhighwalls, with one round staircase that circles around the building. There are high small entrances as well, the seven gates of hell, as they are nicknames. The city consists of layers. the upperlevel small and empty, the second layer a tad more to the middle, the first layer casting a shadow over the second, obscuring lanes and alleys. And so on. every layer more downwards is a tad more to the middle, but the exact middle is an endless pit.
It's a city of thiefs, revugees, traitors, traders, homeless, survivors, outcasts and more. all but soldiers and the goverment. The only place they don't dare to tresspass.
It is also the only city that has working steampunk. not too much as it takes risks to carry around such stuff. working guns are a much wanted item afterall.

Helena's temple, in a pretty much soldier raided town. which is nothing more then a garage with five pilars forming a magical circle in which the girl preforms her rituals. This city is not only filled with soldiers, but strangely enough with a lot of animals as well...

Then we have the aeveix camp.

The abandoned military instalation that shadoe blue lake (the creation) was made lol, its got a giant living mass of fungus that is able to think (is related to shadoe)

And several tiny towns that are just a mess of concrete and jungle.

Now, we need to have more then just that. So if you wanna throw in a coin or two, please offer your ideas, preferably in a note to the group, or to me.
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